Monday, July 31, 2017

Choosing the Career to Ride

Picking a career to follow in life is like choosing what to ride in an incredibly huge amusement park with a guaranteed, but unknown time limit.

You wander through clusters of laughing people, and explore the various winding paths. Maybe your spirits are high because it’s all new, and exciting. Then, Taa daa! Before you stands a some shiny, grand roller coaster. Perhaps this is you choosing to be a singer or even an artist. It has thrilling ups and downs and some fantastic loops. Of course, you’re not the only person waiting in line. Several people want a chance to board this breathtaking adventure. So, you stand there, and you can’t wait to get on. You wait and wait, only to find out that you aren’t tall enough to board this coaster after all. Basically, you were not a hit in the music world, or art was not your cup of tea. So, the search continues.

Again, you search high and low for the best ride you can find. Suddenly, you see this amazing ferris wheel with bright lights. The bright lights might be how well the career pays. It seems absolutely glamorous at first glance. You soon board the ride, and it begins the journey upwards. The ride is dreadfully slow, and it seems awfully long. Looking out the window, you feel time slipping by like a snail. As it turns out, the work is dull, and uninteresting. Finally, the ride ends, but it was not as fulfilling as it first appeared. You hurry to get off and seek something better.

You wander about. The hunt for the perfect ride seems to stretch on and on. You decide to get on the teacups. They spin about, and the children in them look so happy. You soon get on. Perhaps, this is you looking into being a teacher. The screaming and laughter cheers you up for a bit. Then, the ride starts to move. It gradually gets faster and spins more. Your stomach begins to churn, and the world becomes overwhelming. This career was not the picnic you thought it was. It is all too much, and you get sick. Some fellow riders help you off. You’ll never try that again.

Now, as you delight in the momentary joys of an ice cream, you meet other people in this amusement park. They mention a newer ride that nobody seems to get on because the grand roller coaster hides it. It could be a career path you had never heard of or an opportunity that was outshined by the most popular career choices. For instance, it could be becoming a manufacturing engineer, or an industrial designer. As you approach it, the line seems unusually short. People who have ridden it are outside, beckoning for more people to get on. People are running back into the line to do it again! So, you hop in line and you’re anxious. Will you like it? Is it the one for you? Finally, you board the ride and it sets off. You are pursuing this opportunity. It goes up, and twists like a challenge you must conquer. Of course, just when you think it’s over, you are sent flying through a loop. Then, you begin going up once more. One challenge overcome and many ahead as you zoom toward the finish. Before you realise it, you’ve found something you love to do.
I don’t know about all of you, but I have every intention of boarding the lesser-known ride with the nice short line. After all, it’s the unique career with untold possibilities.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Hiding Behind Personal Walls

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Sometimes, it’s a little hard to express oneself to others. They only see your actions, and you’re lucky if they hear what you say. Unfortunately, people often fail to get past the surface. It’s made even harder when you put up walls; which most of us do. I’m not talking about the walls on your house, or the wall Trump wants to build. No. I’m referring to the more invisible kind. Admit it or not, we all have them. Know it or not, they are everywhere.
These walls are not made of bricks or wood. Instead, they are made of fear, and insecurity. Some people build more walls than others. The obvious ones are labeled as timid or even distant. Those who try to hide them are often called fakers, or liars. You can’t see usually these walls, but they cover up the person hiding inside. Sadly, if your peers put walls up, you can’t know how awesome they truly are, and if you put them up, people will only paint you to be what is on the surface.
You’re probably wondering why everyone hides behind their walls. Clearly, something or someone caused them to close up. Perhaps, they were judged too harshly, so they try to avoid more criticism. Maybe, they are afraid that nobody will like who they actually are. We should all know how that feels, yet we don’t know how to overcome these invisible blockades. It’s seemingly impossible to fully get through the walls, and most are just too uncomfortable to take down their own. It can feel just as scary as public speaking, or dreaming about going to school in your underwear.
What if people shared the things they hide behind those walls. Wouldn’t it be so nice to open up? Even if you’re made fun of, it shows a lot of courage to try conquering them. Maybe, you don’t think you can, but it’s worth a shot because people are missing out on your inner quirkiness.
Besides, I’m not sure you know what people see when you put walls up. It turns out that they can create a really distorted image. I recently learned that I come across as extremely serious, and that most people think I’m super weird. While those are traits that I show on the surface, there is more behind the walls I’ve unintentionally put up. Behind them is a dreamer that fears failure above all else, and I’m pretty critical of myself. Behind my many walls is an inquisitive person that always hungers to learn. I’m really just super curious all the time, and I can be a total monkey. Behind my many walls you will find a slight anime nut, and someone who likes words, and stories. I’m a spacey person, and I get myself engrossed in the things I love to do.

There is so much more to me, and I’m sure there is so much more to all of you. The "more" has probably just been hidden. Opening up might be miles outside of your comfort zone, but it can be done.
**It would be so amazing if you were to take down just a few of those walls, and let your personality shine through.**

Monday, July 17, 2017

Fairness, Equality, and Equity

As children, people often want the world to be fair. 🌈 If someone brings cookies, kids will want to share them evenly. However, it does not take long to realise the world is far from fair. Some kids are naturally smart, while others have to work harder to succeed. There are rich people, and poor people. There are majorities, and minorities. As one grows up, they usually find themselves surrounded by debates regarding equal rights, and equal opportunity.
It turns out the color of a person’s skin, and how much their parents earn pushes them into a category. Johnny finds out he’s a majority because he’s a middle class white male. Alice is a minority because she’s an African American female. Children learn, if they pay attention in history, that those of European descent have been the kings of causing racial unfairness. It turns out that these white people did terrible things, and oppressed other races. White people took advantage of other races for cheap labor. They forced other races off of their land, so they could have it for themselves. Of course, they also learn that the world is trying to become more equal. Relatively recent movements have gained equal rights, and protection under the law for minorities (in more places). Yay...
That seems great until everyone realises that it didn’t solve the whole problem. These minorities are still getting the rotten end of the deal. They have been less likely to go to college, and less likely to obtain high paying jobs. Minorities still aren’t on equal footing.  They aren’t really treated fairly. It’s a problem of deciding what is really meant by making the minorities, and the majority “equal”.
Equity might be the true answer. This means giving everyone what they need to have a fair chance at success. For example, poor minority neighborhoods might need more support in their schools; which includes money, and more skilled teachers. They will likely require more resources, so their children can have the same opportunity to succeed. Put simply, leveling the playing field to be more fair could be a more productive way of approaching the movement for equality.

It is incredibly important that people begin discussing the matter of equity too (They are different). Throughout the world, nobody will agree on the matter of racial equality or the idea equity. Everyone differs in what their idea of being equal means. It would be nice if people could start to talk about it openly, and without judgement or hatred joining the party. All sides need to settle their issues peacefully, because everyone has to live together.
😀If everyone can keep it civil, I'd like the comment section to be a safe place to just talk about this topic.😀😃

Monday, July 10, 2017

Failure to Launch

         Ever heard of people living with their parents until they are 30? Even if they once had everything going for them, something kept them from making an important transition in life. This is fondly referred to as failure to launch syndrome . It is a popular phrase for children who fail to begin “adulting”, and it really keeps every kid’s parents up at night. In case you haven’t heard this before, as teenagers, youths are suppose to be adults in training. The world wants them to begin “setting up the launch pad” by packing all of the ambition, enthusiasm, and embarrassing bath photos one can. Then, it comes time to flap those wings Mama gave them, and say adios to the nest.
Dear adults, and children, you must understand that failure to launch syndrome is a very real thing, and YOUNG ADULTS DO NOT WANT IT. This unfortunate problem affects about “32.1 percent of millennials” as they've come of age. I’ve got some real scenarios, that have actually happened to numerous young adults. Let’s say you’re really bright, and you already had it all figured out. You and that all time best pal were going to rent a place together. It was going to be 50/50. It was going to be perfect. Suddenly, your buddy loses their dependable job, and you end up footing the bill. Perhaps the bill was only manageable if you both covered it, so you end up back home with your parents. Worse yet, you didn’t do so well in school, and don’t believe you can amount to much. So, you never had the courage to even try adulting; hence failure to launch or not successfully making the transition from dependant child to independent adult.
Now that I’ve got you worried, it is important to mention that failure to launch syndrome can be prevented with some precautions. First, one must do research, and know their options. Learn about colleges, or trade schools. Even if someone doesn't know what they want to be, a plan can be set to figure it out. Next, saving money is an absolute must. All of those cute phone cases, and Starbucks are splendid momentary pleasures, but saving is essential for the long haul. Adulting is unbelievably expensive. School will cost money. Cars and apartments cost money. Everything will cost money. Having money for when life throws some curveballs will help keep the fledgling adult afloat in the real world. Finally, this person must believe in their success. Self doubt is deadly, so it can't be allowed to take control. In the end, anyone can be a success.
If the young adult does fail to launch, that is okay because everyone has their failures. However, giving up is not okay. Instead, this person has to get off of the couch, and do something about it. One could start by figuring out what obstacles stand between them, and being a contributing member of society. Then, maybe they get a job, and find a trade school. They could even sign up for community college, or visit a military recruitment office. Just because a young adult failed to launch, does not mean they can’t have later successes. Think like Mulan’s father after she failed to please the match maker. Her father looked at some cherry blossoms, and he said to her, “But look, this one's late. But I'll bet that when it blooms, it will be the most beautiful of all.” Being a late bloomer isn’t the end of the world. Just get up, and give everything 110%.
Hopefully, everyone can make the transition to adulthood in one piece, because it is time to show the previous generations what the millennials can do!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Potential Alien to Human Interaction Hiccups

Some humans have long dreamed of interacting with intelligent lifeforms from other worlds. They’ve hoped to develop a relationship with an intelligent species, and trade technology. There have been numerous T.V. shows, and movies that have depicted us even working with alien species to explore the universe. For instance, in Star Trek, Spock is an alien officer on the Enterprise. However, these shows wouldn’t likely fit reality. If mankind were lucky enough to encounter another intelligent species, we would meet some complex barriers. First of all, communication would inevitably be insanely challenging. A being that evolved under different conditions, and on a separate planet may not even communicate like humans. We typically speak, but these creatures may not. In order to have the capacity to speak like us, this species would need some method of perceiving sound and the parts necessary to produce complex sounds (like vocal chords). Even if they did have the means to speak, we will not be speaking in even remotely similar languages. To make matters worse, the range of pitches mankind can hear might differ from an alien species. According to an article on frequency, and pitch, humans can typically hear “sounds with a frequency between about 20Hz and 20,000 Hz.” The alien species may not speak or hear the same frequency of sounds. We wouldn't be able to hear each other at all; thus making any hope of understanding one another nearly impossible. If you were hoping we could exchange technology or knowledge, communication would be just the tip of the iceberg of problems. The atmosphere they are accustomed to is sure to be different. These creatures might need a higher percentage of oxygen, or CO2. Aliens aren’t just going to land, and demand to see your leader, because they would probably die; hence why face to face contact could be more difficult to arrange. Finally, our human understanding of everything around us will not match the alien. Most of our science is based around observation of what we see, hear, and touch. The things we see are dictated by our visible light spectrum. If this species has eyes, they will likely see in a separate light spectrum; which would make showing them what we know an interesting endeavor. All things being said, we just have to remember that regardless of how or where we encountered such a species, our interactions simply wouldn’t be as simple as in the movies.
 ðŸ‘½ While I know this topic is a little out of this world, feel free to let your mind have some fun with it. If you like, you could even share what you think up in the comments.👽

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Opening Post

Hello Readers!

        Welcome to The Dailey Weekly. This blog will largely be around exploring food for thought topics, and perhaps a comic for when the thought food gets too deep (Think of it as a breath mint after a heavy meal). Sometimes, it is nice to think, "Huh... I never pondered that before." Topics will range widely, but could include philosophy, how people behave, or even how some silly technology changed the world. Warning! This blog may keep you up thinking about amusing, compelling, interesting, and even strange subjects. In the end, The Dailey Weekly hopes to continually output intriguing content for your enjoyment.
        The Dailey Weekly is named after myself because my name is a handy pun, and it went together I think. Naming things is not my strong suit, but I know my name is a good one. I was named after a courageous women, so in a way this blog is named after her too. My mother always told me how clever, and adventurous Beatrice Elizabeth Dailey was. She lived to be 99 years old, and died in 1999 when I was born. As I've grown up, my mother has told me how she flew biplanes like Amelia Earhart ✈, and how she rode roller coasters 🎢 until she was 80! She even lived through the Great Depression, and both world wars. Of course, what my mom admired wasn't just what she did, but she loved who Beatrice Elizabeth Dailey was as an individual. Grandma B, as she was called, was full of wit. She was sharp as a tack until the very end; which made her great at holding intelligent conversation.  If anyone could teach a person things that made them say, "Geez... I never knew that..." it was her. This women inspired my mom, and her life should feel inspiring to so many others. All of my life, I have wished to live up to that name, and so shall this blog.
        The first article will be out soon, so be sure to check the site from time to time! 😃👍

Choosing the Career to Ride

Picking a career to follow in life  is like choosing what to ride in an incredibly huge amusement park with a guaranteed, but unkno...